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Tech4Africa 2013

I delivered my talk at Tech4Africa ( yesterday, on Geospatial MongoDB.
It went quite well, I think, with lots of folks coming to chat to me about it from many different spheres.

If you would like a copy of my talk, as well as the example code and SA data, it is available from

You are more than welcome to download, remix and distribute the stuff with attribution, under a Creative Commons By attribute ShareAlike license.

I do hope that everyone in the room found my talk at least somewhat useful and enlightening!

Thanks to Tech4Africa for giving me the opportunity to speak!


Strange days

Reposted from old site – original date: 2009-07-02 19:34:36

Strange days

There are some strange people in the world. People that refuse, and I do mean REFUSE, to even consider THINKING about Open Content and Open licensing schemes for content, but in the same breath, share almost their entire lives on social networking sites.

When was the last time you Copyrighted your Facebook updates? Can you Copyright your twitter updates? OK, you can lock your profile down, but that kind of defeats the social aspect of using these systems right?

Anyway, my point is is that in order for social networks and media to work, we need to be social. That means sharing without restriction, otherwise it just cannot work! Imagine next time that you retweet a great piece of information that you KNOW will make a bunch of folks happier/more productive/whatever that if that was not shareable it would be lost. Let us take a look at a typical “ReTweet” on twitter:

1. someone posts a great piece of info
2. You add RT: and the users name (By Attribution)
3. You send it through your network, where it may be retweeted again (both you and original author attributed)
4. etc

Now, if this is cool and makes you feel that you are engaging in social networks, why can’t you think the same way for all your other content? hmmm?

P.S This post, as well as anything else you see on this site, is made available under a Creative Commons By Attribution ShareAlike license.