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Open Source Contributions – the easy way

If you still believe that you are not able to make contributions to Free and Open Source Software, you are mistaken. Granted, not everyone can write tons of code, but you can even contribute in small ways, like writing docs, HOWTO’s or blog posts. Turns out that you can even contribute via Twitter as well these days, as the following image depicts!



How to create a password unmasker in Firefox

Reposted from old site – original date: 2009/08/26 08:02:45

Sometimes, you just need to unmask passwords that you type in to websites. Well I do, maybe I am just nuts. Thankfully there is a way to avoid seeing a bunch of black bullets, and actually see what is going on. This method is really quite simple, and it seems to work in most Firefox instances.

OK, so now to the actual nitty gritty:

1. Right click on your FF link bar thingy (where you drag sites to create shortcuts and stuff – apologies to Mozilla, but I don’t know what you call that thing)
2. Choose “New Bookmark”
3. Give it a name like “Unmask Password” or something useful
4. In the location field, fill in the following code:

var els = document.getElementsByTagName('input');
for(var x = 0; x  els.length; x++) {
    if(els[x].type.toLowerCase() == 'password' ) {
        var test = els[x].type = 'text';

5. You will need to prepend the above code with a “javascript:” in order to make it a proper URL location
6. Fill in a useful keyword and description too.
7. Click save and try it out…