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OSCON 2010 Wrap up

Reposted from old site – original date: Monday 2 August 2010

The Chisimba team is finally back from yet another extremely successful OSCON, held this time back in Portland, Oregon in the USA. We hosted a very popular booth in the exhibition hall, as well as attended many interesting sessions!

I gave a 45 minute talk on Creating business opportunities through the use of the Chisimba Tribe module, which was very well received overall!

A copy of the presentation slides (CC BY-SA license as usual) is available on as well as on

Here are the slides from the talk rendered via the Chisimba filter:

[WPRESENT: type=byurl, url=]

Between Wesley Nitsckie and myself, we also managed to capture some images of the booth and other OSCON things. My photo set is available at and some pictures of other things that happened on the trip are available at

Enjoy and I am certainly already planning my talk for next year!


OSCON day 2

Reposted from old site – original date: 2009-07-23 16:30:55

OSCON day 2

Attended one really good tutorial around Gearman, but missed the afternoon tut due to the rest of the world catching up to me. Managed to work on my talk a little as well though, so feeling way better about that already. Now am *almost* looking forward to Friday :)

Some good sessions planned today (the 45 minute sessions start today after the Keynotes and opening)

OSCON – Wednesday 22

Had a great day of keynotes, sessions and booth today. Tim ‘O Reilly’s keynote was as good as usual, and the introduction of US Government Open Source was well received. I think that because SA has been lagging so much in this area, that although we have had like a 3 year head start, we are already well behind. Sad.

Sessions were informative as well, attended some really good practical sessions that will help Chisimba in general.

The booth went EXTREMELY well! We had the most popular tshirts by far (geeks all round trying to figure out the binary on the front was very amusing to watch). The Ubuntu folks next door to us were jealous enough that they were helping us as well!

One of the highlights of the day/week/year is that a number, yes a few people, came up to the booth and said “Oh yeah, we have been using Chisimba for a while now, GREAT PRODUCT, and cool to finally meet you guys”! Yes! True! :) hehe!


OSCON so far

Reposted from old site – original date: 2009-07-21 13:24:04

OSCON so far

After a really long flight (about 43 hours door to door) and with some of our colloeagues getting stuck in the US customs process, we finally all made it to OSCON and San Jose for the week.

So far, we have had fun, Wes and I that is, I have not seen anyone else from our group since. Strange that, as we are all in the same hotel even! Anyway, I digress slightly…
We attended some tutorial sessions yesterday, I went to the Open, Social API session and then the Scalable PHP/MySQL session. Wes had fun with Google App Engine and then XMPP101, which he reported was close on the most fun he has had with his pants on.

Today, we seem to be up and ready to rock \’n roll even though it is 3am, so should have plenty of time to do some booth planning and setting up before breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, #OSCON is not giving us breakfast this year! I suppose that coffee and a good lunch are sufficient, but yeah… Oh well… We will get some bagels and cream cheese to tide us over.

Will try update again soon!