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XMPP short code tagging for info in cities

Reposted from old site – original date: 2009-05-31 10:45:12

I have an idea, yes, rare, but true.

I would like to tag stuff all over a city. Just a little sticker or something with a short code on it. Example: tmc123 – As in “Table Mountain Cableway 123″ or iz277 – as in “Iziko Museum 277″

What these little tags will do is provide a means for people with a GSM mobile phone and MXit or other Jabber (XMPP) client, to access tourism and other information about stuff. This could be a signboard at a lookout point in Cape Town or a little tag near a monument in Pretoria. It could be a painting in a museum or a book in a library.

The key thing here is that in order for this to work, we will need to set up a database of codes (easy), have a way to generate codes (easy) and maintain the data (easy). The hard part is education (how it works), education (the system exists), education (gallery owners, museum curators etc to send us their data) and education (how to install and use a mobile XMPP client)

Anyone wanting to sponsor development of something like this with me? It could be kinda cool!