MongoDB basics for everyone! Part 1


As most of you will be coming from a relational database world, some of the NoSQL concepts that we use will be somewhat foreign to you. It is the aim of this simple (short) book to dispell some of the mysteries around MongoDB and make your life just a little easier with the power of NoSQL and MongoDB!

First off, let’s define a couple of concepts that willl be used throughout this series:

NoSQL – Not Only SQL. It does NOT mean No SQL. This is a horrible misnomer and you should forget that you ever heard it. Not Only SQL means that these types of data stores can do more than simple SQL as will be demonstrated in later chapters.

MongoDB is a document based database. This means that you will work with the concept of a document as an analogy to a “row” and collections as analogous to “tables”. The database therefore is made up of collections, that contain documents that contain fields.

Type conventions – all commands and things in general that you could conceivably copy and paste into either the Mongo shell or a terminal/command prompt window will be in this font (Monotype).

  • Idiot hunter

    Pointless blog posts. Why do people have to repeat the same things over and over again? How are the things that you are talking about not explained already a zillion times? Are you a parrot that can only repeat things?

    • paulscott56

      Some folks find these posts useful. If you don’t then fine, go somewhere else. Nobody is forcing you to read the posts.

      Thanks for the feedback (although I doubt you will read this).



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    Hey there, my name is Yvette and I’m a fellow blogger out of Eden, Austria. I’m glad to see the work you’re doing on this site. Coming upon MongoDB basics for everyone! Part 1 | Paul Scott was refreshing and helpful in terms of writing and work. Continue the great work guys: I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I believe it will boost the value of my web site.

  • Helen Neely

    I’m not sure there’s much here that beginners can find useful. When I saw basic in the title, I thought I could find something in here to send to one of our junior developers.

    I will write a proper intro on my blog myself. Please drop by this weekend – it should be up.


    • paulscott56

      Thanks for the feedback! What would you suggest to make it simpler? I am planning on collating these posts to a CC BY-SA licensed book at the end of it all, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!